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Welcome to Dreamers Nest Montessori Early Learning Centre

"Establishing peace is the work of education"

-Maria Montessori

About Us

At Dreamers Nest Montessori, we embrace the beautiful philosophical influences of R.I.E. and Montessori to create a home away from home for the children in our local community. Our purposeful learning spaces empower children to be the architects of their own learning within the freedom we provide, allowing them to achieve the goals we set together.


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At Dreamers Nest...



D.R.E.A.M - Our Identity as a Team:

D is for Dedication: we are more than just teachers; we are a dedicated team committed to bringing out quality learning outcomes for each child. Our passion is to nurture and guide, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

R is for Respect: respect is at the heart of our practice. Through our respectful approach, we aim to be role models. In our learning environment, respect is not just taught; it's lived and experienced daily.

E is for Experience: children at Dreamers Nest Montessori are encouraged to explore the world through real-life experiences carefully planned by our experienced and skilled team. Learning is not just about information; it's about living and breathing the lessons, creating a foundation for lifelong curiosity.

A is for Aroha: aroha, love, forms the firm foundation upon which we build trust, security, and a sense of belonging for the children in our care. It is the thread that weaves through every interaction, creating an environment where every child feels valued and cherished.

M is for Motivation: motivation drives our journey of learning, growth, and flourishing. Both teachers and children are motivated to discover, explore, and reach their full potential. In this dynamic environment, every child is encouraged to take ownership of their learning and set goals collaboratively.

Our centre

We are committed to providing freedom for children to independently choose the work that captures their interest. Time and space are generously given for exploration, with clear limits and expectations guiding each child toward achievable goals for their age and stage.

"Establishing peace is the work of education," said Maria Montessori. Let's embark on this journey together, creating a nurturing environment where each child's uniqueness is celebrated, and the joy of learning flourishes. 

Join us at Dreamers Nest Montessori, where education is a journey of discovery and a celebration of every child's potential.

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